Central Station Monitoring


Dallmann Systems, Inc. partners with ADS Security For the highest level of U.L. listed central station service.

Monitoring services include:

  1. Burglar
  2. Fire
  3. Medical
  4. Wireless Backup Monitoring
  5. Environmental Sensors
  6. Open/Close of System
  7. Remote access to your security system via internet with Total Connect Click For More Info
  8. Monitor your security thru the Internet Click For More Info
  9. Elevator emergency phone monitoring
  10. Video camera and alarm system integration

The UL-listed Central Station uses the most modern computer and telecommunication technology in combination with highly trained, Five Diamond Certified operators to respond to electronic signals originating from customer security systems installed in homes and businesses.

Alarm signals from customer systems originate from sensors located on the premises: smoke detectors, motion detectors, glass break detectors, and door & window contacts. The security system then automatically initiates communication with the Central Station, either through the normal telephone system or by radio transmission. Some security systems use both.

At the Central Station, the alarm signals are received through a fiber optic telephone network or a radio network. These signals are then processed by special equipment that converts the alarm signals into a standard computer format for further processing.

After initial processing by the computer, all information about the customer system and the current alarm signal is automatically sent to a highly trained operator for further action. Although computers are important, the human element is vital in providing DSI Security customers with the best possible service. That special touch of a caring operator can make all the difference in re-assuring a frightened child or confused elderly person.

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